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Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
in the parking lot and looked at it." >> what a night it's been. the meteor hits russia and then this asteroid. >> we begin with our chief meteorologist who joins us with the closer look at the size of tonight's event. >> let's just say it has to be extremely large in order tore the doppler radar to pick up anything like this. so i fine tuned the radar, telling the radar scan everything it can find in the lower atmosphere. from the type of those reports from 7:00 to 8:10 tonight, you can see this wave of green moving up from the peninsula and the north bay. that's a sign of unusual activity in the atmosphere. this is not fog, not rain but it's part of that meteor that streaked across the sky and or part of its contrail. it's a neat way to look at what happened as we're continuing to get the pictures in. as far as the trajectory goes, we started getting reports from st. helena and also walnut creek and then san francisco and finally a lot of you saw it in san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. some of my estimates is the bay area troavel distance was somewhere near 140 miles. by all indications,
Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
our breaking news out of russia. that may be a meteorite strike. >>> we have an update on developing news regarding one of the most famous athletes in the world. here's a live picture from south africa, where it's friday morning. oscar pistorius is expected at any moment for a bail hearing. he's accused of murdering his girlfriend. police arrested the 26-year-old at his home where his 30-year-old model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp was found shot four times. police say pistorius is the only suspect. he made global headlines just last summer and was nicknamed the blade runner because of his prosthetic legs. his bail hearing is set to get under way at any moment. police say they will oppose bail. >>> medical examiners have positively identified the body of former los angeles police officer, christopher dorner. his charred remains were found in that cabin in big bear. dorner was i.d.'d through dental records. he died tuesday after a shoot-out with police, followed by a fire in that cabin where he hid for many days. >>> pope benedict's decision to step down came as a surprise to many peopl
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
to determine a cause of the fire. >>> and scientists call yesterday's meteor crash in russia a wake-up call for man to spend more on the detection of meteors. >>> and more from the south bay with the plan to help save planet earth, hello, bob. >> reporter: good afternoon or evening to you, diane and terry, considering this fact, the astronomers have id 'd the meteor, but science has only identified 1% of the meteors. which means we don't know anything else about the other 99%, where they're located and most importantly, where they're headed. inside this nondescript office building in mountain view, scientists, including a couple of former astronauts are on a mission to help stop what happened last night in siberia, when a huge meteor blasted through the area, blowing out windows, injuring people. if only we had seen it coming. this foundation hopes to give us the extra set of eyes in the sky. for the past several months, the nonprofit in the bay area has been raising money to build a telescope that orbits the sun by 2018. it is expected to discover more asteroids than any other element, the
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
in sochi, russia. >> lindsey will be able to get through this thing. she was back in the hotel after a couple hours after the accident. she was in good spirits starting to plot out her rehab. i'm confident we will see her in sochi next year. >> she has one year to get healthy for the olympics. the opening ceremony is one year from this thursday. >>> the season officially came to a close today when the 49ers cleaned out their lockers. the quarterback colin kaepernick telling reporters, that super bowl loss will stay with him for a lifetime. now one player who made headlines off the feel for homophobic remarks during super bowl week isn't running from his hurtful remarks. chris culliver apologized and is now asking for something else. now more on the chris culliver story. >> reporter: chris culliver is asking for sensitivity training. they are saying it will inspire him to break down barriers in the locker room and ga and straight athletes here in san francisco say it can be done. gay or straight, all are welcome on the golden gate wrestling team in san francisco. >> most wrestlers cou
Feb 24, 2013 11:10pm PST
, russia. >>> you get a lot of people coming by and saying thank you. happens every time you clean up. >>> neighborhood, our bay area proud shows us how one man to pick up a stre chur. chur. >>> there was surprise twist in the case of ost kerr pester to use. he is accused of killing his girlfriend and free on bail since friday. we have news that his brother is now facing charges as well. >> reporter: oscar pistorius has remained indoors out of the public eye and comfort of family at his uncle's home. in this case that is read more like an unlikely crime novel he was charge with premeditated murder in the shooting of his girlfriend at his house early valentine's day morning claiming he thought she was an intruder. then the chief investigator on the case was charged with attempted murder from a work-related shooting. removed from the case. now pistorius' older brother carl is also charged with cull. able homicide, the equivalent of negligible homicide in the u.s. he was accused of driving recklessly. the charge was originally withdrawn by prosecutors and then later reinstated. carl at h
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5